Alexa & Google Home: Pros and Cons

Well the world is moving at a speed of light and especially the western countries if not our India. The world is progressing with planes getting ready to reach mars, a new life and a new habitation is to be started on Mars, there are robots to do all the human tasks, there are flying cars, driver less cars, there are powerful nuclear weapons which can destroy the entire world in a span of 24hrs and there are medicines now for every major ailment which were earlier out of imagination for many to be cured.

On the other hand when we talk about progress and advancements; Google and Advancements both these words go hand in hand as every single day they aim to improve and create something new which can benefit the mankind or is it really?

One of the latest inventions right now trending in the market has been Google Home and Alexa by Amazon- two small devices but big at tasks. You can basically switch on your lights, fans and ac, you can on your tv with the channel you want, it can make calls for you and order a pizza, it can set your appointments and reminders, it can play music for your from popular music streaming services and do much more basically replacing your house maid who runs around to do all the work or getting you one virtual house maid if you don’t have one at the first place.


Well Google Home and Alexa has certainly made life easier, more advanced with home appliances and other smart services to be done at the command of your voice.

Extremely portable design

Gives you answers to your questions, lets you know about the traffic, the weather, can read audiobooks for you.

The alexa also comes with a remote so you control the volume or speak commands.

Alexa has a seamless and quick Bluetooth pairing system, you just need to say “Alexa, pair bluetooth”

Also the best part is Echo can also tell you jokes, whether your laugh or not is another thing!

Access to Google’s huge knowledge graph

Google Assistant is conversational and context aware which makes life easier

Chromecast integration has the ability to be one great feature

Saves time of doing things manually in the house


Alexa/Echo is available only in English language which is quite a flaw.

After the invention of smartphones, smart robots and blazing net, this feature is further an addition to make humans more lazy. Overall not good for fitness as you will be most of the time not even standing up to most of the house tasks.

The quality of speakers are only for personal music, you can’t expect a typical service of a JBL or a BOSE speaker.

It has limited third party app support while Alexa has more support though!

Many features are not available which were expected.

Both these devices works with only smart appliances with certain models of TV, Ac’ and other appliances.

You need to automate your home right from switches ,bulbs, smoke detectors to cameras to sync it with Amazon Echo.  Also Echo is not portable, once you remove the plug, It turns off so basically you can’t take it outside home.

The feature and updates on firmware are not available in all the regions

These devices can’t read or send emails or messages, had that been available it would have been a blessing.

The apps are still not easy to ease while it struggles to hear you from a distance

The recent controversies of your conversations being leaked is another thing which can make you feel restricted to use it freely without any tension though this controversy has been solved with issues being fixed.
– By Haineel Shah



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