Journey of one of the famous Preschools in VileParle – Superkiidz

Words said by Manisha Bheda – Founder, Managing Director of superkiidz.
A child can do wonders in life and career, Through learning, does not mean just the academic excellence, but the personal, emotional and intellectual competency as well.

Childhood experts agree that Attending a high-quality program prepares kids for kindergarten and beyond. But finding the best option for your child takes time and research. To get you started, We have given the journey of one of the famous preschools in vileparle Superkids which offers the best education in preschool section.

1) How did the idea to kick start the preschool germinate?
“Smaller the age, maximum is the grasping capacity.” – Glenn Doman. Following the philosophies and principles of Glenn Doman, we at SuperKiidz believe that imparting knowledge to children at such a young age helps to enhance their basic skills. We believe that starting early in age lays tremendous importance to build attributes in child so that they can pick up any concept in later age and make the complex learning process in school easy.
By catering to kids of age 4 through our Little Graduate’s Program (post – school program), we found amazing results pertaining to areas of Observation, Concentration, Curiosity, Communication and Memory. If kids at that age can bring about such great results, why not start at the age of 1.5 years – 2 years? This thought made us come up with preschool at SuperKiidz.

2)How is the preschool proving to be a game changer?
“Kids love to play. In other words, playing is how they ‘do’ things. Playing is how they understand things, know more about others and themselves, and get clues on what life is all about. To be precise, while playing, your kid’s brain is working at its best!
For the timely and accurate brain development, your little one should play the right games,get the right toys to play with and come across a setting meant to provide.
At SuperKiidz, playing is synonymous with learning and development! Every game and every toy has a lot to kindle the learner in your child! Beyond a safe and amusing environment to play, we undertake the responsibility of your child’s intellectual development as well. That’s why we are so particular when it comes to selecting our games and activities. As a result, your child also learns how to interact and converse, observe things and people, sharpen memory, handle objects, understand and execute multiple instructions at one go, celebrate various festivals and many more such essential lessons of life. Moreover, playgroup prepares your child to walk into nursery with confidence.
The games should sow seeds of thinking, exercise both body and mind, and everything that they do has some or other. Playing introduces them to learning.”

3) What is the growth prospectus the preschool aims at?
Preschool aims at inculcating gross motor skills, fine motor skills, visual skills, listening skills, pre-writing skills, cognitive development, human touch, festival celebration, music and movement and instruction execution in a child.

4) What makes the preschool an ideal place for holistic development of any child?
Preschool is a space where your child can absorb knowledge as he/she spends time in play – where every game and every toy prepares them for a successful entry into a life of education. From learning alphabets and words to understanding instructions, from increasing memory and powers of observation to enhanced mobility and independence, from learning to talk clearly to creating confidence.

6) Key Communications:

a) Establishment year – Founded in 2000. Preschool started in the year 2006.

b) Unique Features – At SuperKiidz, we believe that child can do wonders in life and career, if his or her brain is properly moulded in the earliest years of childhood. We rely on scientific methods to achieve this brain development, by creating an environment that encourages and cultivates competency of each individual child. Towards this cause, we strive to provide everything our kids love; games, activities, amusements, emotional support and above everything else proper individual care. By providing the above means in a systematic manner, we help them pick up learning and temperament inherently. Through learning, we mean not just the academic excellence, but the personal, emotional and intellectual competency as well.

c) No. of branches with locations – 9 branches.
Vile Parle(E) – Mother Hub | 9821309802/022-26126560
Andheri (E) – 9892546221/022-26837252
Andheri (E) – J.B.Nagar- 7506054814/15
Chembur(E) – 9930217035/022-25270011
Chembur(W) – Tilak Nagar – 8080900600/022-25270033
Thane (W) – Panchpakadi- 9619041340/022-25388352
Thane (W) – Kolshet- 9619041340
Thane (W) – Hiranandani Estate – 9619041340
Vile Parle(W) – 8451802944
d) Child-Teacher Ratio – 1:5 (1 teacher per 5 kids)

8) Testimonials:

a) “I would like to summarize it as a great achievement for me as Ridhima is able to relate things in real world from classroom training.” – Chinmay Trivedi (father of Ridhima Trivedi)
b) “Journey”

Amee Teacher haiwoh,
Jisne introduce kiyahumeSuperKiidzko
Gate pehai Shiva woh,
Jo unglipakkadkebatatesahirastaja
Sabki favourite Meena teacher haiwoh,
Jiskebinabacchenahijaateandar jo
Charul teacher haiwoh,
Strict hokarsikhati discipline bacchonko
Vidhi teacher haiwoh,
Jiske goad meinPeherbaitheroz
Tejumati teacher haiwoh,
Disha teacher haiwoh,
Jo craft sikhatibacchonko
Asha, Suchita, Archana and Soni Tai haiwoh,
Peherkichoti- choticheezon ka dhyaanrakhein jo
Pyaaripyaari photo khiche jo
Manisha teacher haiwoh,
Rakhtitezznazarsabpe jo.
Love Peher.
– Dipti Goradia(Mother of PeherGoradia)


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