Kids room Decoration Choosing Color Schemes for Children’s Rooms

What’s more important than a memorable room? For a child, it’s a comfortable, workable space that grows smoothly along with him or her. Keeping the “fun” in “functional” can be a challenge, as every age group has its own needs. Luckily, most kids go through fairly predictable stages, and you can provide for these developments and create personally expressive, attractive spaces at the same time.

Kids’ bedrooms are a terrific place for playing around with color. Children love to have bright, bold and uniquely colored rooms. It reflects the liveliness of their nature. Going too bold with a kids’ room can be a mistake, though. You want to play around with a combination of bold colors and subtler accents to create a room where your child can feel awake and alive but still get relaxed enough to sleep at night!

Playing with colours:

Pink is one of the most common colors that people think of when they think of designing a girls’ room. Although it can be cliche, it can also be a really great color to have as a room when you’re a young girl.

Softer colors are best when it comes to rooms where babies are going to be sleeping. The shades of paint and furniture can be  light so that it looks  pleasant and soothing.

Yellow is a terrific color for kids’ rooms whether you’ve got boys or girls. It’s a color that comes in many hues so you can have soft rooms or bold rooms depending on your child’s personality.

Choosing a few different colors that compliment each other and laying them out block-style in a room can be a great design option for a child’s bedroom.

Many parents think that white is a bad idea in a kid’s room. It gets dirty easily and it’s not very fun, right? Wrong. A bright white room accented with different colors can be great for kids if you do it correctly and just don’t worry about the dirt!

If you’re not sure where your young child’s interests will lie or you want to ensure that a decorating scheme will appeal to girls and boys of all ages, you can’t go wrong with a nature-inspired scheme. From preschoolers to preteens and even beyond, kids feel an affinity with the natural world and enjoy anything related to it. Dogs, horses, and jungle creatures are especially popular with both sexes. Farms and forests also yield flexible motifs that can grow along with your child.

Designing a child’s room does take some careful planning, but if you take the time to make the right selections, you’re sure to create a space both you and your children will love.
– Ruchi Adlakha


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