Montessori Method of Early Childhood Learning

Rainbow Montessori  is the first authentic Montessori school in Vile Parle East. Even though the Montessori method is a hundred-year-old method of early childhood learning , a lot of people (especially parents) are unaware of the Montessori philosophy. This article gives a brief overview of the method.

A young child in a family is seen as the one who should play with the toys and not interfere with the adults around him till the age he is ready to go to a kindergarten. He is not given the opportunity and the time to get involved in day-to-day chores in the house. The child, on the other side, is eager to do everything that the family members and adults in and around his house are doing. The work is the real play for him because he learns through his own experience. He wants to pour, dust, sweep, mop, stack, squeeze, clean, fold, carry things etc.

In Montessori school, we provide the environment based on the child’s individual needs and aim for an all-round development by nurturing the mind, the body and the brain. The unique educational experience helps the child to think independently and creatively and reach his full potential. We provide a solid foundation for the development of competent, responsible, and adaptive citizens who are both problem solvers and lifelong learners. The child explores, experiments and creates through specially designed activities in a supportive environment. This is a holistic learning approach within which the child develops cognitive and social skills while fostering emotional and physical growth.

We give the opportunity to make the child independent in all respects – physical, mental, emotional, social for a complete personality development.

Children participate in simulated versions of daily activities such as pouring, folding, washing etc. on a daily basis. This helps them discover their ability to function independently, boost their confidence and develop focus. They enjoy the freedom to work and realize responsibility they share as a part of the community (the classroom). The child’s own feelings of accomplishment act as a reinforcement to encourage continued success!  

How is Montessori Method different from traditional schooling?

Rainbow Montessori offers the following programs

Our environment and the curriculum are designed to meet the developmental needs of the child in the age group i.e. 1-6 years. Depending on the child’s age, we offer two programs:

Toddler Program (15 to 30 months)

  • Atmosphere of loving support and respect
  • Emphasis on building self-confidence, rich language and motor coordination
  • Activities include: Eye-hand coordination, care of self, care of environment, language, music and art

Primary(Preschool) Program (2.5 to 6 years)

  • Provide a variety of choices that engage the child’s natural curiosity and intellect
  • Emphasis on the process of discovery and exploration of the world through multi-sensory material
  • Activities include: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture-Science and the world, Music, Art and Physical Education

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