Parenting Mantra – What to do or how to save your child from this Netflix or webseries fever

The advent of internet has definitely improved the overall lifestyle but in the larger picture it has
also damaged various dimensions of our life. We are now more lazy to even go out in open air
and get clothes or food for ourselves as everything can be delivered home with your fingertips.
Earlier people would spend time together in real, now all they do is send whatsapp invites and
talk/chat over the phone.
The advent of internet and social media is so terrifying that even if you are sitting alongside your
date or your partner, he/she may be more engrossed in his/her phone than the person who is
sitting besides him/her. The biggest loss has been the damage done to the life of innocent kids.
In the 20 th century, kids growned up organically, they would step out of their houses, play games
on the ground, develop their body and mind naturally, enjoy the childhood, make real friends
and when they would grow up, you would not even realize.
But now, even a 3yr old has a ipad in his/her hand, they know everything how a smartphone
functions and they are glued to some or the other things on that. The age group between 3 to
15yr olds are now exposed to internet without any filtering or censoring and this is really harmful
to them.

The content which we used to watch or learn at the age of 20 is something now even a 10yr old
is aware about and that is a worrying factor. The new trend of Netflix and different web series
have been really potent over the kids because of its sexual content, adult graphic sequences
and bad language.
While there have been good shows like Cosmos and Conspiracies, even the upcoming
webseries like Mowgli or Tiger on Z5 are something to watchout for but 60% of the shows have
adult content and this is where parents need to do something.

1. Be Clear with your Kids-
Well it’s not easy to control your kids, you can’t be strict with them neither can you be too lenient. What
you can do is be clear with your kids. Tell them one on one that there are certain things they are not
supposed to watch. Make a list of shows/options which they can browse and only from that list they can
watch the shows.

2. Take them out for movies or games in real
Rather than sitting at home on the couch where you are watching tv and the kids are either using your
smartphone or laptop, you need to change your approach if you want your kids to be safe. If not for
yourself, you need to stand up and engage with your kids. Play any games with them inside the house
like carrom, business or cards. Take them out for a movie or just play football or cricket with them on
playground. This will not only divert their mind from the smartphone but also develop fitness in all.
3. Just Vanish the smartphone/ipad
If your kid is too stubborn and not ready to listen, then as a parent you have to lead by the example. If you don’t want your kid to use that ipad or smartphone, you have to start it with yourself and other senior members of the family. Just throw away the ipad/smartphone to some corner and don’t use it unless there is some work to do. This will encourage your kids too to not touch the devices.
4. Keep Rules
You can certainly keep a tab on them by putting the parental control apps, but even apart from that, you can keep fixed rules. There has to be set timings for everything inside the house, before that or after that your kid is not supposed to touch that. Make fixed timings and even in that you sit besides them and watch whatever they want together. This will not only help you in keeping your kid under control but also not make them feel that you are allowing them to use your mobile/ipad/laptop.

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