Redevelopment or Destruction of Development in VileParle ?

Mumbai has been struggling at its all time low when it comes to Real Estate market. Right from small builders to big builders are going bankrupt, running short of cash, their projects are stuck everywhere and there is a huge fall since the last few years.

Old buildings starting from Borivali to Bandra are facing this severe issue where middle class people are stuck like anything! Same thing is happening in VileParle also. Some Builders are giving lucrative offers, enticing the emotions of middle class people with promises of making big high tech buildings and giving bigger flats but what the end consumer gets in return is nothing. They are becoming homeless and even the existing flats which they are having are now gone in the hands of these builders.

Some of the problems:

  • Builders taking up the projects but not completing on time.
  • Builders vacating the building and not starting work there for years.
  • Builders who had agreed to pay monthly rent to the old flat owners are not paying rent either “
  • They keep on giving excuses, keep on extending dates that the project will start soon.
  • In many cases, the buildings are old running on Paghadi system, the builders are not developing old dilapidated buildings despite knowing the fact that it can fall anytime.
  • In many cases, the BMC has vacated people from those old buildings running on paghadi system and when we approach the builder there reasons are: We have not told you to empty the building, the BMC told you to leave. “We don’t have money to make a new building” are some of the reasons while projects are going on by the same builder elsewhere
  • The middle class people who are fooled can’t do anything and in most of the cases, they have to pay rent from their own pockets and whatever little property they had even that is gone now with the enticing offers of builders to give them a new one.
  • In many places like Kandivali, people of the building are vacated since 4-5years but not a single work has begun there.
  • Even in Parle, there are many buildings people are shelling out money from their own pocket.

The Why’s-

Why is all this happening at the first place?

Why do middle class people have to bear this despite being no fault of theirs?

Why is there no action taken by the Government?

Why is the Government not interfering in such serious issues where middle class people are suffered?

Why are not laws created to penalize the builders and sue them if such things are happening?

Why are courts not being fast tracked to implement laws and punishments for builders who are openly harassing the middle class population and doing crimes so smoothly?

Builders don’t have money to pay  a simple rent of 10-30k to the people whose flats they have taken but they can roam in the most luxurious cars and have the most lavish lifestyle, isn’t that stealing of money?

Just baring all the injustice is not going to help, it’s time we make middle class people make a movement. It’s time we share our problems, it’s time we take a collective action against them, it’s time we stop buying their fake excuses and promises and move to the court, it’s high time we let them know that it’s enough and we aren’t going to be fooled anymore.

Share this article as much as you can, share your problems, let’s all come together.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH-Lets File A Petition, There has to be some action taken.

Do email your suggestions or complaints on 


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