Therapist Rinkle Shah’s Sujok Therapy which heals many ailments without drugs & Medication

Su-which means hands and Jok-which means feet when coined together becomes Sujok in Korean language and that’s how the name is derived for Sujok Therapy.  Even though there are many alternate methods and therapies but Sujok Therapy is one of the most popular, harmless and effective therapies at present.

Sujok is actually a very simple therapy which includes massaging hands and feet and is used to treat several conditions like bronchitis, asthma, back pain, joint pain, headaches, dizziness, migraines, gastritis, ulcers, diabetes, and also mental disorders like stress, depression etc. Sujok is also useful in weight loss too making it so popular plus the fact that is very simple which anyone can do helps it furthermore in its popularity.

There are many dimensions and methods of Sujok Therapies which includes treating through needles, magnet, seed therapy, using pressure, using round objects and by stimulating feet and hands by using finger. For every problem there is a different method which can be applied.

Here are some of the excerpts from Therapist Rinkle Shah speaking exclusively with,

Have you studied and done expertise in Sujok Therapy?

Yes I have studied in depth about Sujok Therapy and I am a Sujok Therapy Expert with over 4years of experience in practicing.

Since when did you start practicing Sujok Therapy?

I completed my Sujok Therapy Degree in 2014 after which I started practicing by myself. Later on, I joined clinic too.

Right now where can we connect with you if you we want to have a Sujok session with you?

I currently practice at Lions Clinic, Vile Parle two days a week where I am the only Sujok Therapy Doctor practicing there, anyone can come to the Lions Clinic for Sujok therapy sittings and consultations.

If a Patient is elderly or in any case if a person requires a personal consultation, is that possible?

Yes I conduct Sujok therapy sittings personally too but it depends on my time and schedules.

What makes Sujok Therapy so popular and how many sittings are required?

 “it’s a non drug therapy where only hands and feet are used to heal various ailments, it’s also very popular in Pain Management where many kinds of pain can be healed in one sitting itself  while for certain ailments it requires 4 to 7 sittings. Even for the aged, it takes sometimes more sittings too”

In today’s era where there are drugs and medicines for almost everything, it takes a toll on your body, many a times there are also side effects but therapies like this where there is no medication required is a welcome change and a must try for all!

Contact Details- Sujok Therapist : Rinkle Shah (98333 13235)

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