Ban on Sale of Nylon Manjas

This year with the onset of Makar Sankranti (Kite flying festival) in India, the festivities are on a low scale with still the covid-19 foot on the ground. Mumbai registered 675 Covid-19 positive cases on Wednesday (Information Source: BMC Twitter handle).

Every year many birds, animals die due to the use of Nylon Manja or Chinese made Manja. This year our state government has banned the sale of Nylon or Chinese Manja. Inspite of that these manjas are sold secretly at many places in Mumbai and india as well.

We visited few shops yesterday in vile parle and enquired about the sale of these manjas and shop keeper said they don’t keep these manjas.

The Police have put up notices and also announcing on megaphones to avoid using Nylon Manjas. Also those who found storing these and using or selling these will be charged with imprisonment for non-compliance with the ban.

One such case has happened in Nagpur city. A 23 year old biker was mowed to death in Manewada, Nagpur due to use of Nylon Manja by a kite flier. The Manja came down from a highrise building in Dhantoli, it got stuck around Pranay`s neck and it also got stuck with another biker from opposite side, as the opposite biker continued it slit Pranay`s throat and police at the spot said there was no scope to help the biker.  

Just for the sake of fun / entertainment if you are going to use Nylon manja and let others bleed to death then its better to spend time behind bars.  

Hope after reading this you will wake up and use regular manjas for kite flying this year.



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