Feng Shui Symbols & Their Meanings

Feng Shui is the ancient art of living in harmony with nature by harnessing the energy forces present in the atmosphere, you harness the capacity to attract the things you want,whether it is romance, success, wealth or luck so that you might utilize this ancient Chinese knowledge.

The term Feng Shui means “Wind & Water” five thousand years ago the Chinese discovered that life was much more pleasant living in a house that faced south, with hills behind it to provide protection form the cold north winds & with gently flowing water in front. From this beginning the Art & Science of Feng Shui evolved through a process of experimentation, and today it has spread around the world and ismore popular than before.

We have tried to put together list of Feng Shui Symbols and their meanings.

Crystals: They represent the earth element and are considered to bring luck to education, romance, social interaction. Hang an amethyst crystal form the front door (on the inside) to deter thieves.

Rock: A symbol of endurance, the rock represents the earth element. Some schools of Feng Shui believe that tying a rock with a red ribbon or thread and placing it in the bathroom will minimize the effects of polluted chi.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a sign of support. In the office, place it on the right if you are woman and on the left if you are a man.

Turtles: The turtle is a sign of something that never sinks. It is an affirmation of survival, as the turtle can survive on land as well as in water. Placed behind the person at the office it symbolizes support.

Coins: Coins are a sign of prosperity. And the number three is the affirmation of stopping evil.

Green Plants: Fresh green plants and flowers attract positive energy, so place them around the house. Avoid cactus and other thorny plants, as they attract negative energy.

Bells: Bells are used for clearing, protection & activation. Hang them at the entrance to announce any arrival. The beautiful sound also attracts pleasant feelings within ones home and environment.

This art of china is putting great impact on Indians who are using this art for getting many things like health, wealth, fem and much more…. So we did some effort to provide you with some symbols & their meanings so to introduce you with this subject.

Note: Nonsult a Feng Shui consultant before using any information.

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