Illuminate your Success Path with Numerology: Secrets Revealed

Have you ever noticed the web of numbers around us? The numbers can be our date of birth, vehicle number, apartment number, id number, token number, the list is endless. Numerology is the study of the numerical value of the alphabets in words, names, and ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar to divinatory arts. The mystical journey of sages based on thousands of years made the people believe in numerology. It is an ancient science combined with modern mathematics that makes wonders in people’s lives.

When you use numerology to name your business it is known as Business Name Numerology. The name of your company should have a powerful energy because the letters and words in it can determine the future of your business. When you align your company name with numerology it brings significant upward change in your business. In the company’s name numerology, you have to consider two factors such as the nature of business and date of birth of the business owner. The name of your company must reflect the sense that you want to deliver in the society.
Today in this highly competitive business world you should have a strong brand name to beat the competition and generate better business. I have observed that a lot of Corporates are having their brands renamed as per Numerology. Nowadays it’s a common practice to have the brand name perfected by Numerology.

Example: Delhi Daredevils ——> Delhi Capitals
Kings XI Punjab—-> Punjab Kings
Urban Clap—-> Urban Company
Imagica—–> Imagicaa

How numerology will improve your life?

Numerology will uncover your pre-chosen destiny and you will know your life purpose. It will reveal your future potential and give you direction in life. Numerology provides a tool to better understand others and improve your relationships with them. It will help you to prepare for upcoming challenges and enable you to take advantage of the opportunities coming your way. Numerology will bring awareness about your strengths and weaknesses and help you to forecast and plan your future smoothly.

Interesting fact

Western numerology was created by the Greek mystic and mathematician, Pythagoras who also created the “Pythagorean Theorem” – one of the most famous theorems in mathematics that is still taught in secondary-school mathematics classes around the world today. Pythagoras certainly knew his stuff and when it comes to the credibility of numerology and where it stems
from, I`d like to ask: If Pythagoras was considered a genius of the ages, why would he create something that was complete load of rubbish?

In order to run a successful business and to avoid pitfall and get good profits one must ensure that you have lucky brand name as per Numerology. Also if you are not lucky or happy with the growth of your brand you better change it. If you are starting a new company or a new brand or product I will offer you expert guidance for having an excellent brand name as per Numerology to give you the best results.

By Nupur Shriiram
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