PCOS/PCOD is commonly referred to as Hormonal imbalance in the lay terms which actually is one of the effect of PCOD. PCOD is a classical example of Psycho-somatic disorders in today’s world. Stress being the major reason for it and the most common factor which is why many young girls are seen to be suffering from it. Homoeopathy is proactive medicine which satisfies the demand of the cure in such diseases.

There are ample of medicines in Homoeopathy ranging from Natrum muriaticum, Thuja occidentalis, Sepia, Pulsatilla etc. which target the disease and help restore the hormonal health of the individual.

Below are the most important guidelines for women suffering from PCOD. Do follow them to experience the difference !

1. Weight management is most important for PCOD for menstrual regulation. However doing a lot of cardio and ab workout is not advised for you. It could rupture the cyst. Go for early morning Yoga, Brisk walking, aerobics, etc. Don’t strain the abdominal muscles. Do not exercise when your menses are going on.

2. Eating RIGHT food. A big NO to maida, yeast, outside fermented food, packed food, chocolates, cream biscuits, khari/butter toast, mayonnaise, jam, pickles, outside fried junk, alcohol, smoking etc. Eat fresh food, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, multigrain rotis, amla, yogurt, etc.

3. Do not keep awake late night. It increases acid secretion, puts a load on the liver, metabolism is affected, hormones go for a toss.

4. Medication and periodic investigations, every 3-4 months is necessary. Do not miss your appointment with the doctor, do not ignore your health.

5. For the women expecting pregnancy, following these guidelines should be specially followed 3 months before, during and after sexual intercourse. These are very important for conceiving and maintaining the pregnancy and to avoid abortion. Homoeopathy can be the only medicinal treatment that can be extremely helpful in the pregnancy period as other medicines are contraindicated during pregnancy. It will help to sustain the pregnancy, promote health of the mother and fetus, prevent abortion and prevent complications during the delivery.

6. Drink 3 – 3.5 liter of water daily with 3 glasses of lukewarm water distributed as early morning | afternoon | evening. Boiling cumin seeds in water occasionally and drinking it is very beneficial for your gut, liver and immunity !

7. Do not take stress, tension or keep worrying. PCOD today is counted as a lifestyle disease. Choose health over lifestyle ! Suppressed emotions. mental exertion. stress, depression are all the precipitating factors for PCOD. Throw them out of your life. Opt for cycling, swimming, yoga, meditation, any activity that channelizes your stress.

Girls, don’t worry ! PCOD can be very well cured. Make the right choices ! Be positive and thrust yourself in the best direction ! Take care.

– Sharayu Rajwade
CONTACT: +91 9987270984

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