How your office from home should look like

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down offices across the country, so most of the people are working from home. This doesn’t means you can sit anywhere and start working.  The place you choose needs to be comfortable since you are going to spend most of the there. A dedicated space has to increase focus as whereas your productivity level.

 Location of your space: The place you choose needs to be comfortable and not distract you from your meetings. The place must have privacy, has to have natural light and ventilation. Privacy helps you focus on your work / projects. Continuous focus on screen will have increase strain on your eyes. After probably an hour look out about 45 secs to 1 minute this helps to de-strain your eyes.

Desk / Chairs: Since you are going to spend a good amount of time at this place, your posture is utmost important. There are chairs available in the market which will help keep your posture correct as well as make you feel comfortable. When choosing a chair, keep it in mind you choose a desk which will be a bit higher than the chair. Keep in mind the things you need to keep on your desk and choose size accordingly.

Soft Boards / Post it:  Another important part is keep a soft board / post it to mention important notes / points. This is very handy and reminds you about the important tasks.  

Your Inspirations: There are many people who have their inspirations in life. Inspirations like their parents, celebrities, sports personalities or from any other fields. They always keep them close to their hearts. They pin their photos or their sayings or anything else which keeps them motivated on their desk so that they continuously keep motivating them. You can also do here on your soft board so that they keep motivating you always.

Charging point: When you will spend most of the time at your desk, you need charging point nearby so that the device will never out of battery.  Have atleast 2 plug points for charging, 1 for your laptop and another for your handset.

W-Fi: Choose a high speed internet connection for uninterrupted supply.  Everybody had a wi-fi with basic speed before the pandemic. Now since everyone is working from home you need to choose a plan which has high speed and unlimited supply.

Hope the above points help you to re-organise your home desk and utilize it to the tee.


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