Parle Tilak Vidyalaya ICSE Xth Std students shine in the exams

The Xth Std ICSE medium results was declared on 17th July 2022 at 5pm. The students of Parle Tilak Vidyalaya (ICSE) display their scholastic achievement at the ICSE Board Examination 2021-22. The students of Parle Tilak Vidyalaya (ICSE) have proved it true time and again by getting hold of one achievement after the other. The same corroborated as the students of Class 10th 2021- 2022 batch showcased an outstanding execution of hard work with laudable 100% result with all distinctions at the ICSE Board Examinations 2021-2022. The members of the Board of Directors Dr. (Mrs.) Snehalata Deshmukh (member of PTVA) and Mr. Vinay Jog (Hon. Vice President PTVA) along with the Principal Dr (Mrs.) Arnavaz Bhagat felicitated the school topper, Avanti Bane, for securing 98.80%. The other rankers, all India subject toppers, and school subject toppers were also felicitated by the dignitaries wishing them success in all their future endeavors.


Percentage No of Students
98.80% to 90% 59
89.99% to 80% 25
79.99% to 79.20% 1
Total Students 85

Top 5 Rankers

Rank Name of the Student Percentage
1 Avanti Bane 98.80%
2 Neel Naik 98.60%
3 Arya Prabhukhanolkar 98.40%
4 Vedansh Gholba 98.20%
4 Deeip Dicondwar 98.20%
4 Jay Adivarekar 98.20%
4 Mihir Joshi 98.20%
5 Sharvari Karekar 98.00%
5 Sana Thakur 98.00%

All India Subject Toppers

Subject Highest Marks Name of the Student
Marathi 99 1. Aditya Desai

2. Arya Prabhukhanolkar

3. Prisha Kulkarni

4. Sana Thakur

5. Sharvari Phadke

6. Sharvari Karekar

7. Kairavi Kulkarni

8. Sharvari Velankar

History, Civics & Geography 100 1. Kairavi Kulkarni

2. Reema Nadkarni

Commercial Studies 100 1. Neel Naik

2. Soham Karandikar

3. Aaryan Vedpathak

Maths 100 1.  Asawari Patankar

2.  Jay Adivarekar

3. Krishna Patel

4. Ojas Phene

5. Vedansh Gholba

6. Avanti Bane

7. Kairavi Kulkarni

8. Mihir Joshi

9. Neel Naik

10. Sharvari Khare

11. Tanvi Rege

Computer Applications 100 1. Mihir Joshi
Technical Drawing 100 1. Arya Prabhukhanolkar

2. Sanat Phulkar

3. Avanti Bane

Physical Education 100 1. Vedansh Gholba
Total   29

Subject Toppers

Subject Highest Marks Name of the Student
English 97 1. Arya Prabhukhanolkar

2. Jay Adivarekar

3. Anahita Karandikar

4. Avanti Bane

Hindi 98 1. Neel Naik
Science 99 1. Deeip Dicondwar

2. Vedansh Gholba

3. Mihir Joshi

Environmental Science 92 1. Aaryan Vedpathak
Art 96 1. Avani Bhagwat

We congratulate all the students, parents, teachers and everyone involved who have helped them succeed in their exams in flying colours.

Image Courtesy: Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association FB Page 

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