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Most common myth à Calcium depletion (removal) occurs from teeth during pregnancy & hence you start loosing teeth after that.

Truth:– there is no mechanism in body Physiology by which calcium from the teeth can be absorbed by the growing fetus or even by nursing new-born through milk

“Then why do you find fair gender putting such complaints? ”


Increased decay rate is due to :

Neglect in dental care as more attention is paid towards looking after the child for at least one & half year’s period
– Increase in frequency of diet & also quality of diet i .e you eat more number of times & most of the food items are high calorie, sticky & sweet food items which are primary source of food for decay-producing bacteria.

– Usually along with new decay problems, existing decay increases multiple fold causing fracture of teeth & associated pain which makes mother to avoid eating hard , non-decay producing diet like salads & resume to again softer diet.

Increase in gums problems is due to :

Hormonal disturbances cause exaggerated response of gums like bleeding gum’s , gum boils which actually can be easily avoided by through dental check up & oral prophylaxis(cleaning)

Bleeding from gums during brushing forces mother to be reluctant to clean these areas & problems aggravate.
– Similar to diabetes, the response of gums to even little of tartar is increased by ten fold in pregnancy which is why, it is necessary to get your dental “Clearance” before planning pregnancy.

Note :-

You can take oral care by

Visiting the dentist before planning of your pregnancy for routine check up & getting done any fillings required or routine cleaning of teeth.
Getting your diet set by a dietician to get exact nutrients required rather than extra calories.
Green vegetables, fruits, milk or artificial calcium & vitamin supplements are utmost required & should be incorporated in daily diet.
If any treatment required, it is safest to do it in 2nd trimester of your pregnancy.
If any x-rays are required, now a days , most of the dental clinics are well equipped with best of radiology safety measures like lead apron, etc. So don’t hesitate for the same.
Evan it’s better to visit dentist as late as 8th month end of your pregnancy if any treatment is necessary rather than just popping up painkillers.

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