PTV English Medium Primary Section’s Art , Craft and PCA exhibition-‘Rangtarang’

PTV EMS PRI SEC puts up an Art , Craft and PCA( Parent-child Activity) exhibition-‘Rangtarang’ which includes all the Craft, Work Experience, Sub-wise Projects , PCAs, etc prepared by the students in the first term of the academic year. Great work done by students, staff and parents ! The exhibition was visited by the Education Officer Shri Mahesh Palkar, Dy EO Shri Kirtivardhan Kiratkudave , Suptd.Shri Bapurao More , BO.Madam Ruta Wankhede and the trustees of the PTV Association .All the dignatories appreciated the work done by the students and complimented the staff and the headmistress for their efforts and enthusiasm .


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