Take care of your home, this Monsoon.

Quick Tips- How to take care of your home during Monsoon!

Every year during Monsoon we face numerous problems inside our home like water
leakage, swelling of doors, swelling of wooden furniture, wall cracks, transfer of moisture from walls to
other things like wooden furniture, entry of insects inside the house and what not. But if we be
prepared for the monsoon and take some quick little steps in advance, there are very less chances that
you may have to face a lot of trouble.

Always keep a doormat : 
The most important thing which many of us ignore is not keeping big doormats outside our house.
When the family members including kids when they return in the house during rains, they are usually all
wet with their shoes or slippers full of mud and rainwater. Without the doormat, the whole flooring of
the house can be spoiled with bad water which is definitely not something which we want!
Always keep your windows open : 
It is said that always keep windows open during rains as it will help in avoiding the development of
moisture inside your house. Allowing the window to open helps the unwanted moisture to go out of the
house which can save your doors from getting swelled while your other furniture can also be saved from
getting soiled due to moisture.

Say no to Heavy drapes, rather use light clothes like Georgette and Chiffon :
For cleaning the house with water, we often use big cotton cloths to clean and wash the flooring. But in
rains such clothes take time to dry off. Rather use lightweight fabrics which can easily dry off like
Georgette or chiffon which will save your lot of time from hanging clothes everywhere to dry them off.

Avoid Light Colors : 
Dirt is visible quickly in light plain colors like white and cream. Use dark colors like black, pink, dark blue
and other designs which will not only make your house look cheerful but also dirt will be less visible
during rains. Such colors can be incorporated in bedsheets and pillow covers.

Some Quick tips-
– Use Napthalene Balls in Wooden Furniture
– Always Keep furniture a few inches away from your wall to avoid transfer of moisture.
– Keep your wooden shutters and doors waxed or oiled to avoid getting it swelled because of
moisture because if they get swollen, you won’t be able to lock the doors.
– Never let the water accumulate in your home as that can be a house to various insects which
can cause diseases.
– Use mosquito Nets during monsoon so that you can keep windows open which you need to
while also not allow mosquitos and other insects come in.
– Always fill the cracks on the walls of your home or building before it rains as if you avoid doing
that, the cracks may widen which may lead to water leakage as well as fall of the building or any
– Apply cement or waterproofing coat on the walls before it starts raining.

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