Sathaye College launched it’s “ZERO WASTE PROGRAM “


On 28th February 2020, on the occasion of #ScienceDay, Sathaye College launched it’s “#ZeroWaste Program “.
The ZW Programne includes following new initiatives.
1. ONLY DRY WASTE bins in all the classrooms
2. Separate Dry and Waste Bins in staffrooms, canteen, some laboratories and auditoriums.
3. Permanent E-Waste bin near ground floor central staircase.
4. Zero Waste Programme Notice Board and Feedback Box near ground floor central staircase.
5. Sathaye College Students’ cartoons’ cutouts near entrance and canteen to spread awareness about our #ZeroWaste Program .
6. Separate Plastic Waste Bin opposite to E-Waste Bin.
7. Careful use of all resources viz. Electricity, Water and Papers etc. and stop the wastage of these precious resources.
8. Avoiding use of Plastic
9. Following the guidelines for Zero Waste Program to reduce the waste!
10. Maintaining the cleanliness in the campus!

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