Why you should include Suryanamaskar in your fitness regime

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutations are rooted in ancient Indian Yoga related to health & fitness idol Saint Ramdas Swami, which has stood the test of time. A sound mind in a sound body is the principle of Yoga which is the need of the hour. To achieve this excellent harmony of mind and body, your thoughts must be stopped and you need to be in the moment breathing rhythmically while doing physical asanas and healing your emotional plane first; for all diseases begin from the mind.

The solar plexus that is Manipura Chakra is located just behind the nevus. This is an extensive web of nerves that govern a lot of essential activities of your body. This chakra is known as the second brain hence we use the term “gut feeling.”

Doing Suryanamaskar correctly while chanting or listening to the Surya mantra enhances the rhythmic flow, where you be in the moment constantly. There are 12 asanas included in this Surya Namaskar – modern yoga calls it as Power Yoga as well.

Tips for Suryanamaskar :

1. Do it in the morning at or within 1 hour of sunrise.
2. Face the east while doing it.
3. Open air is the best if available to perform suryanamaskar.
4.  Make sure your stomach is empty.
5. Do it in sets of 6 or 12.
6. Do it rhythmically while listening or chanting Surya Mantra for better mind & body results.

5 Benefits of doing Suryanamaskar every morning: 

a) Improves Blood Circulation: Cardiovascular exercise. Improves the active process of inspiration and expiration process of the lung tissue.
b) Helps Fat % loss: It strengthens the chest, shoulders and arm muscles and tones the abdomen as well. It strengthens the spinal muscles and improves flexibility and grace in the movements.
c) Helps regulating Menstrual cycle: Today 80% women are suffering from hormonal imbalance at some point of their fertile life, Surya namaskar should be definitely included by women in their workout regimen!
d) Calms the mind: It diminishes the anxious thoughts, anticipatory anxiety, compulsive disorders, bipolarity, depression and gives a positive boost to your mind.
e) Helps hair & skin health: Effectively improves blood circulating, churns the circulation and happy hormones to reach out every cell of the body and revives the tissues. Reduces facial stress and wrinkles. Helps to rebuild collagen rapidly due to reduced stress hormones.


Article by Dr Sharayu Rajwade Kshirsagar, India’s First Homoeopathy Clinic Coach. Practicing Homoeopathy & Wellness consultant in Pune & Mumbai – Whatsapp – 8424800247. Image Courtesy: Google


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