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Bhigvan Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful and tranquil birdwatching destination located in the Bhigvan village of Maharashtra, India. The sanctuary is spread over an area of about 8 sq.km and is home to a diverse range of bird species, making it a popular spot for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

One of the main attractions of Bhigvan Bird Sanctuary is the wide variety of bird species that can be found here. Some of the birds that can be seen here include the Ashy Prinia, the Common Hoopoe, the Indian Silverbill, and the Indian Golden Oriole. The sanctuary is also home to a number of migratory birds that can be seen here during the winter months. These include the Common Teal, the Northern Shoveler, and the Gadwall.
The sanctuary is also a great place to spot other wildlife such as the Indian mongoose, Indian hare and the Indian civet.
Visitors to Bhigvan Bird Sanctuary can enjoy a variety of activities, including birdwatching, hiking, and picnicking. The best time to visit the sanctuary is during the winter months, when the migratory birds are present. The sanctuary is open to visitors all year round, but the best time to visit is from October to May.
The sanctuary can be reached by taking a train to Bhigvan railway station and then hiring a taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach the sanctuary. It is also accessible by road.
Accommodation options in Bhigvan are limited, but visitors can find a few budget-friendly guesthouses and lodges nearby.
In conclusion, Bhigvan Bird Sanctuary is a must-visit destination for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Its wide variety of bird species, peaceful surroundings and other wildlife make it a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. So, pack your binoculars and head to Bhigvan for a memorable bird watching experience.

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