Synergy Festival: A Weekend of Music, Dance, and Talent at Sathaye College

The Sathaye college campus is currently buzzing with excitement as students, staff, and members of the community gather for the annual Synergy festival. Taking place over the weekend, the festival features a wide range of events and activities including music and dance performances, art exhibits, and competitions.

One of the highlights of the festival is the rap battle and beatboxing battle taking place right now, which features some of the most talented musicians from the college. Visitors can enjoy a diverse range of rock and pop songs and be impressed by the skill and energy of the performers.

Another must-see event at the festival is the Mr. and Mrs. Synergy competition, where visitors can witness the judging by Ms. Radhika Jagtap and see who will be declared the winners. In addition to these events, there are also a number of competitions taking place throughout the festival, including street play and sports competitions, providing visitors with an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents.

Overall, the Synergy festival is a huge success and is drawing a large crowd of attendees from the college and the surrounding community. Visitors can expect to be impressed by the quality and variety of the events and many have said they look forward to the next Synergy festival.


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