Winter Destinations in India…

No doubt, all seasons are special and every season has its uniqueness but there is something special about winter season which is really close to everyone’s heart. The beautiful cold and breezy weather, hot tea and pakodas, the blossoming romance, many places in India are also known for their snows during winter which is nothing but enjoyable. The long drives on hill stations, the fog, there are so many things only a winter season can provide and hence we came up with this list of top places which you can try enjoying this winter!


The atmosphere in Lonavala is completely next level during November and December. The temperature touches 13 to 17 degrees and just having a fun time with your friends for a few nights will leave you relaxed. You can easily get rented bungalows, enjoy the famous chikkis and fudge which are freshly made during winter Also this is the best time to visit Tiger Hill and devour different types of pakodas, sheeshas, and tea at the top of the hill amidst all the fog.


Matheran is one such place which is purely for the nature lovers, the well preserved colonial architecture, the stunning atmosphere in Novemeber-December coupled with great hotels and resorts makes it an apt place for winters. But don’t forget to book your hotels in advance as Matheran has a tendency to be sold out during winter season.


The high altitude resort town in Himachal Pradesh attains a temperature upto 2degrees during winter season. Along with stunning picturesque locations, densely covered mountains, you can also witness some snow and excellent food. Also Manali is a must visit with your friends atleast once in your lifetime because of the amazing thrill and adventure it offers.


In the Dehradun district of Northern India in Uttarakhand, Mussourie is one of the under stated beauties of India. Also the tourism market in Mussourie grows by 50% every year during the winter season. Lal tibba, the cloud’s end, the gun hill, the mussorie Christ church are some of the hidden gems of mussourie which will leave you spellbound. Also the temperature touches almost below 8degrees sometimes and the stay is completely memorable during winter season!

Gir Gujarat

Apart from the highly revered Gir national park where you can see tigers and lions in abundance, Gir is also known as the perfect winter destination because of its pure air and the temperature which almost touches 7 to 9 degrees in November and December. Also the national park is closed during the rainy season, its only in the winter season the gates of the Gir National Park are opened. The nearby locations of Amreli, Junagadh and Somnath temple are also worth the try if you want to see the real, fuss free and vibrant life of Gujarat.

Dharamsala- Mcleodganj

Well the name is enough! Dharamsala is regarded as one of the most beautiful locations of India. Located in Himachal Pradesh where the temperature touches upto 3 to 4 degrees coupled with snow, it’s a dream destination to travel solo or even with your gang of friends. The beautiful monasteries, the crystal clear lakes, the ever smiling and friendly people will force you to stay for a little more time than you decided for!  Also book an appointment to meet the Dalai Lama in person and attain a spiritual high this winter!

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