New Way of Learning

Learning is the act of gathering modern information, information, truths, concepts and aptitudes in our brains. It may be a ceaseless prepare of building new knowledge on best of existing ones to form a more full picture of the world and how it works. The more created our thought of how the world works, the more we are prepared to use those standards to structure our activities, in line with it. It is around understanding the essential standards of how the world or the environment around us works so that we will utilize those standards to form our claim environment.

We believe that we get learning through education from school, university and other higher educational institution. Getting every day in your class, maintaining decorum, taking notes, doing homework and giving exams is one way of learning This is also judged through the marks we score in our exams. 

If one has time travelled to the Industrial Age where companies demand Discipline from the workers in their factory. They keep doing the same thing again and again. Here there is no scope of creative contribution or addition to ones knowledge, etc. Companies who have these kind of workers have done well in the Industry.

Presently, make a trip back to now, when we are living in innovatively progressed economies where production line settings like learning or working makes us dinosaurs of the Data Age. So while we hang tight for the schooling frameworks across most nations to transform, we can steer of our own learning in our grasp. Furthermore, in doing as such we can assist our kids with soaking up similar attributes as well, in light of the fact that the best way to get ready for a questionable future is by learning at the speed of improvement itself. Since the speed is quicker than at any other time, we need to figure out how to adapt successfully for example quick yet applicable learning.

We need to keep the natural instinct of learning alive in our children.  If you observe, children are curious about new thing to learn. They always observe things around themselves and follow that. We as parents, some way or the other influence the children. While interacting with them you can see that they ask many questions  and are curious about things. Keep interacting with them so that they aren’t sidelined.

As a parent one needs to zero down the interest, liking of our child and develop skills and move towards that direction. We should also teach them in a way of their interest, liking and not by their Age. We have a system of evaluating every child on basis of syllabus (because this is being done from ages). We should also try to channelize / utilize the knowledge and teach them how to apply it. Kids chart their own learning based on curiosity with equally curious kids and adults, who love to learn.

Don’t stop your Childs creativity, communication, curiosity which will lead him / her to a different person in future.


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