Why people in their 30s should stop believing they are 70

There was a time when 7-8 of us would play cricket. We used to enjoy it. But as much as playing the sport, our constant jokes, one-liners and banter used to delight us. As years passed by and all of us started working, playing cricket slowly faded away, which isn’t surprising.

But thanks to What’s App, we started a group few years ago with the hope that we would regularly revisit those days of fun and laughter.

But strangely, the atmosphere in the group was nowhere similar to the time we used to spend years ago. There were only serious talks. Jokes had no place. Even after I tried numerous times to create humour, it fell on deaf ears. There was just no response. Finally, I gave up.

Weeks later, a friend, one of the members of the group, bumped into me. I straightaway asked him the reason for everyone being so serious on the group and what all happened to their humour. His only reply was, “Ab humne 30 cross kar liya. Ab kya hasi-mazaak?” I stood frozen there, not knowing what to say. I never knew hasi-mazaak had an expiry date and that too so soon in life.

But this is just one example. As the months passed by, I regularly kept hearing similar things from people in their 30s. While having conversations, it is a must for them to say things like, “Ab toh umar ho gayi hai hum logon ki,” “Hum toh buddhe ho gaye hain ab,” etc.

It seems as if they have started believing that they are 70 +. But on second thoughts, I am reminded of how people even in their 80s are seen having fun and laughter while sitting on the fence of Shivaji Park maidan. Also, my Yoga teacher is 80 but I have hardly seen anyone so cheerful and funny. My aunt and her friends are in their 50s but when they meet they behave like teenagers.

But having said this, each one is entitled to live and think the way he or she likes. So, if friends who are in the 30s feel they have become too old to crack jokes and laugh their hearts out, it is their choice. Some of them have also stopped exercising or doing any kind of physical activity thinking there is no hope now for them to get into a better shape or health. I don’t have a problem with that too.

But I do have a problem when they assume that I also think and feel the same. I have a problem when they say umar ho gayi hai ‘hum’ logon ki and ‘hum’ buddhe ho gaye hain. Boss, please replace ‘hum’ with ‘tum.’

While you would be busy spending your evenings with a cup of tea while staring at the sunset thinking life mein ab kuchh raha nahin, I would be taking a jog or thinking about some idea for my next funny write-up or meme.

Never knew I would feel generation gap with people of my own age group.

By: Keyur Seta

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