Vile Parle police drive against regular walkers

Police Drive in Vile Parle against morning and evening walkers  
The situation is very bad all over world due to corona as the 2nd wave is more dangerous then the 1st wave, as per experts. 
People are advised to stay at home and move out only for important work, but it seems that many parlekars are not giving a heed to the instructions given by Mahanagarpalika and Vile Parle Police.  
Police are risking their life to fight against Covid, we expect the citizens to reciprocate in true spirit but unfortunately it’s not happening in Vile Parle. 

From past 2 days, Vile Parle Police carried a special drive against parlekars who are moving out in the morning and evening for walking

The pictures explains the situation, captured at Ganesh Chowk , Vile Parle. 

All Parlekars are requested to be at home. Don’t go out for morning or evening walk, It`s our responsibility to help police, government, frontline workers , many other people who are risking their life for our safety.


Instead of walk you can do some good yogasanas at home which will help you to keep your health and fitness intact. Please keep doing Pranayam, so your breathing problem / oxygen level is in control.  

IF you have stomach constipation issue or gas issue due to which you think you need to go for walking , then we can suggest you various yogasanas. Click on the given link for more details and benefits of these asanas.  

Yogasanas to stay fit and healthy during these times

You can also read on what diet to have in the current situation, to avoid health problems, by clicking on the link. 

DIET AND IMMUNITY – By Geetanjali Chitale



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