Ways to improve your Wi-fi and internet speed

This year 2020 we have spent maximum time at home. All of them have been working from home. Because of the covid-19 everything was happening from home & online, i.e. School, College, Office, Classes, etc.

So one needs to have a good Wi-fi and internet speed otherwise it will be irritating to get hanged in between your meeting, classes and it takes longer to complete work, etc.  

Here are a few tips to improve your Wi-fi and internet speed:

1) Choose the right service provider, a plan with fast speed

Choose the right internet service provider, network among your neighbours, building friends to check on this. Certain service provider might have a good speed but not might not have a good network and vice-versa. Do a digging and choose your ISP accordingly.

A plan above 10 mbps is always a good speed.  Since everyone is working online you will have to choose a plan which will be on a expensive end and will not exhaust in less than 30 days.

2) Connect your device to the right network

It happens that your neighbour have placed their router near your Hall and you can connect to their connection too. Make sure that you are connected to your router. Its also important to give a password to your wi-fi.

3) Uncheck Connect Automatically

Once your device connects to a wi-fi connection by default , it will always try to do it whenever it comes in a range. So try and uncheck the ‘connect automatically’ option in your wi-fi connections.

4) Avoid using Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5 streaming while working

While working, the above apps consume a lot of bandwith. If you are trying to do this it will give you less speed and hamper your work. Kindly do all the streaming post you complete all your work.

5) Change your Wi-fi password often

Change your Wi-fi password often so that if anyone is using it will be stopped and you get value for your money. Avoid using passwords which are simple, i.e 123456 or abcde. Use a strong password which is a combination of Alphabets,numbers, symbols or alphanumeric keys

6) Restart your modem and router

The router is a mini-computer that has a CPU, memory, local storage and even its own operating system. And like any computer, it can run into any number of issues. Just as you would reboot a computer when it’s acting up, you can and should do the same with your router. Unplug/Switch off, count to 10 and reconnect. You will need to wait for about a minute for your equipment to come back online.

7) Check the cables

If you have any loose connectors or loose cables then you might loose on your internet speed. Poor quality coaxial splitters also have an impact on speed.

Make sure all the cables are in good shape and properly connected.

 8) Right place for your router

The router has to be placed at a centre point which is free of obstructions, i.e. walls , doors, etc. Do not place your router inside a cabinet, this will hamper your speed. Sit in a place where your router is closer to you to get a higher speed.

9) Add Wi-fi extenders if you have a large house

If you have a large house then it’s a good idea to use Wi-fi extenders  which will give you extra speed when you are away from your router. WiFi repeaters take the signal from the router and rebroadcast it as a new network that communicates with your device and sends the signal back to the router.

Try these methods and you will enjoy good internet speed.


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